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Trevor Chaplin


I was born in a small village in Nottinghamshire back in the 60’s so managed my misspent youth prior to social media.

At 16 I joined the Armed Forces specifically the Royal Artillery, for no other reason than my Father was a Gunner prior to me. I did my full service of around 24 years and left as a Warrant Officer.

On leaving the Forces I worked for a FTSE 100 company leaving them after 17 years as the Facilities Director.

I am now a Director of Candour.


I am married to Julia and there is one young adult who is studying to be an Architect.

I am the Director for Candour Business Consultancy and Candour Facilities Management and the Executive Officer for the Central London Maintenance Authority. 

I have worked in Facilities and Estate management at director level and reporting directly to a group board and as part of the operational board. With in-depth knowledge and experience of contract negotiations and a superior involvement within Stakeholder Management, managing and liaising with a variety of key personnel, including business leaders, architects, lawyers, clients/end-users, local authority and Government bodies.


I have a proven track record in managing facilities management strategy, project management, relocation, fit outs and delivering multiple and extensive projects within public and private sectors including 999 services and mixed campus estates.


I ensure solutions to the following:

  • General Facilities Management. 

  • Project Management. 

  • Vision and strategy development.

  • Service improvement.

  • Cost reduction.

  • M & E Review and management.

  • SLA and KPI development, implementation, review and management.

  • Contract set up, delivery and review.

  • Tenders, mobilisationsand transition.

  • Supplier relationship management.

  • Project delivery.

  • Fit Out and Refurbishment.

  • Space Management and Utilisation



  • Private Companies

  • Local and Central Government

  • NHS

  • Utilities

  • Facilities management

  • Property management

  • Education

  • Hospitality

  • Retail 

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance/Finance



  • No job too big or small or challenge to great

  • Access to fully licenced and accredited national contractors

  • Public and employee liability insurance

  • Bespoke packages tapered to your budget

  • Wide and diverse group of clients 

  • Enhanced Level DBS



  • Long history in facilities services

  • Experience of having done the job

  • Good track record with a diverse range of knowledge

  • Ensuring my clients get the best possible service

  • A “can do” attitude


If you would like to find out more and think that I may be able to help you, please get in touch.